Hook yourself up for FIFA 14 Brazil 2014

So the day was 31st night, 2013, people were all geared up to welcome the New Year with fireworks and celebrations all around. At the stroke of the midnight, as soon as the clock struck 12 and ‘13 became ‘14, first thing that came to our minds, ‘Yes, this is the Fifa 2014 the World Cup Year and nothing can beat this’. Such is the build-up to this mega event scheduled to be taking place few months from now and I tell you why this is going to be one heck of an event ever.

It’s the nation of football, Brazil!

If there’s any football team on the planet and the reason why millions follow football, it’s because of this nation, Brazil. Having won 5 world cups in the past and hosted only once in 1950, fans have been waiting for the last 63 years to witness their icons play on their turf and replicate what the legends have done in the past.  Since 2010, so much has changed as we saw talented players touching the sky, while some old horses losing the touch but not the quality. In this action-packed month, it will not only be the players triumphant on the field but also the crowd that will back them up with a roar. You can get the best of audiences’ right here in Rio and Sao Paulo. Take a beer in hand, put some oil on the bare body or paint your team’s color and go all the way crazy this summer in Brazil.

It’s an open tournament this time

The big four teams; Argentina, Spain, Germany and Brazil may be the favorites to lift the trophy, but the unpredictability of the game just doesn’t allow you to figure out WHO? There are so many dark horses filling the square this time and you never know who might come out with a shining armor. With young talents like Neymar, Balotelli or Suraez  along with heavyweights such as Messi, Ronaldo or Klose in action on the green carpet, you just cannot  expect a finger licking event better than this, lined up for the summer.

Put on your team’s merchandise, paint your face till it’s covered full and get yourself hooked up for the June-July season.  There aint going to be any vacation plans unless you are planning to go Brazil or else suit yourself in front of your television sets  and raise in both the volume and the adrenaline.

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