www.HoaGold.com released

Greeting my loyal friends:
We are very proud to bring you our new website www.HoaGold.com to further improve our user experience and the quality of our service, if you have any suggestions for our new website and service, please leave us your comments by using Feedback page.
We transfered almost all the database over from Gaming4ez,But if yours are missing,please contact our live chat,we will help you to find them back,include the VIP level and web points(it will become very useful in the future,cause we are developping new function for it.)
Thanks for your support and trust have been, we will continue our efforts to bring cheaper gold and better services
in most MMOs such as Aura kingdom,path of exile,Fifa 14,WOW,ESO,Wildstar,Archeage.

HoaGold Team

Hello, my friends: Due to payment issues,we will stop using hoagold.com for upcoming games,please visit gaming4ez.com for future purchases.Also contact our support to get rank 5 vip for discount. Sorry for the troubles and thank you for your supporting!