How to make you rich in Wildstar Online

    In real life, our social status is determined in a large part by luck of the draw.However, aside from the occasional pneumonia-related real life traged,every character begins on equal footing in wildstar.Of course we may not played the same way(such as wildstar wiki).but our pockets are all nearly empty at the begining.No rich friends to send us wads of cash in the mail every christmas-just a hadful coins ,some basic tools and our wits.Compared with reality,the playing field in Gielinor is level enough to make Guthix himself break into a violent fit of balance,which would explain a lot of the crazy items in wildstar.

    However,after few months ,some of us will adorn in skillcapes and godswords,but others will only wear rune scimitars as they struggle to fund their goal of level 40 construction?what makes the rich apart from the poor?Maybe you are lucky enough to receive an item in a random group.But for the rest of us, the weath and power are a matter of choice.The different between rich man and noob in wildstar is that richie McFancypants decided to have money and Noob McNoobster decided to be broke.

    I can hear some of you protesting already."that is ridiculos if being rich was only a matter of choosing to have money,why isn't everyone rolling in ceedits?"Because noob didn't didn't put himself in a position to make money.For example, it's a simple matter to earn a good half
.On top of that any skill can be trained at a profit should one wish to use a slower method with money making to cover any losses .Any second-rate noob all they need to do is saying to himself"i think i will earn some wildstar credits today."So is you are not already buying those useful items you've already wanted, ask yourself why not.

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