WildStar Classes: What They Are & How to Choose One

Before you can get to farming WildStar gold and filling your pockets by buying WildStar platinum you have to choose your class. Choosing what class you are going to use will affect your style of play, and depending upon how you use your new class, you will be able to progress through the game and level faster. Here are the classes that you have to choose from.


Warrior: The warrior is usually a tank, but they can also play the role of DPS in WildStar. With brute force and access to huge swords the warrior is a damage dealer.


Spellslinger: If your fun in playing WildStar online comes from the magic, then you might be interested in the spellslinger. Other MMO’s usually make the mage a healer, but in WildStar every class can do the job of healing if necessary, which means that those of you who want to be mages just to be slinging spells can do so. Spellslingers are great classes to play depending upon what your style of play is, and how you progress will depend upon how you use the spells you are given.


Espers: Esper is basically a psionic in WildStar. They get Psi points that they can build up and then they can unleash mental attacks. Technically they are magic users, but with the power of the mind rather than the magical air around them. Espers summon things like weapons and animals and also has an aptly named Psy-blade.


Engineers: Engineers are a great class and they are actually quite fun to play because they use gadgets that they build themselves, as well as bots. The bots act as pets like with other races. Engineers get to have heavy armor as well as bots and an exo-suit. Their abilities resemble that of warriors. However, they aren’t quite as mobile as warriors or stalkers, and are slow to play. These tanks are usually on top of things in the game, but they do require that you have a group that works with you and is able to pick up the slack. They don’t have any collapse skills like the stalker or pull skills of any kind, so you aren’t going to be able to do any mob pulls towards you but they make up for it in other ways.


Stalker: Stalkers have a great skill that they can use that pulls mobs towards them. It is called collapse. They use stealth and sneak attacks.


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