Introduce WildStar lodging System

Player lodging system is one of the core systems in wildstar.You can enter into the main city to activate thus housing system when you reach at lvl14. let's introduce the detailed information of Housing System first.

    You can see a large space when entered the space.Can build anything you want on the ground, decorate the house outside and inner or plant trees .Invite your friend visiting ,even change the color of the sky.

 1. Landscape Enhancement (To build the main structures)

each player own 7 buildable house. To click current position, the available house would appear. Each buildings has size limited.

Most of buildings have specific fabkit , and you can acquire these tools through monster drop or finish quest. It is very rare, and the number and variety of FABkits gives you an extreme amount of control over what benefits you want from your housing, and hunting for the more unique ones will undoubtedly be part of the Wildstar experience. So, don’t have sell all to the vendor.

2.Housing Item Vendor

You can delete the decoration or find a right way to decorate ground or wall.And items usually got buff.Please check when you use it.You can get special decoration at raid.You need lots of Wildstar Gold to purchase them.We will introduce the interesting raid system on wildstar next time!

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