PvE raid desigh on Wildstar Online

    Wildstar lead dungeon and raid desigher brett scheinert(aka CRB_Timetravel)was joined by an array of Carbine Studios developers to answer player questions about the large PvE encounters in the elder game. Here are a few highlights.
    1. Voice chat definitely helps but is not necessary.
    2. Carbine is still sorting out how latency will affect Oceanic players in raids.
    3. Casual players won't be able to extend lockout timers at launch.
    4. The team won't admit defeat that easily should 40-man raid prove unpopular
    5. Additional post-launch raid content is "in development," so raid tiers will be flexible.
    6. At least at launch, raid tools will be "in the hands of the addon developers.

    7. Which encounter will"cause the most tears"? That"d be Avatus, the last boss of Datascape, Scheinert says .but the elemental pairs in

       Datascape will be rough too."Because they change every week,guides will spend an entire week reaching then learning a pairing...

       then the  instance will reset and they'll be back to ground zero.





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