The Enthralling Bosses and Amazing Experiences in Dungeons of Wildstar

Wildstar is a most-awaited MMO game which is about to come in June 3. With having only a few days to go, we took a brief insight of end-game content and dungeons in this game.  According to Stephen Frost (Design Producer of Wildstar), the game is literally designed for hardcore players. When it comes to dungeons, the end-game content is designed to satisfy hardcore players with cheap Wildstar Platinum. But even inexperienced player can run in the dungeons and use sacred trinity of healer, tank and dps and run successfully and make Wildstar Gold.


The first dungeon is “The Ruins of Kel Voreth”. This is a 5-men dungeon where the mysterious race Eldan was held but disappeared mysteriously from Nexus planet. Even though that race was vanished in itself, some leftovers of their community was left behind, which also include industrial soldiers Osun for protection of cities of Eldan but they were not powerful enough to conquer. Each detail in Kel Voreth’s environment is simply breathtaking on both mechanical and natural elements.


According to Frost, the environment in this game changes and feels entertaining and great. They have made dungeons a lot dynamic and included several variations for the players. In MMO RPG content, Frost explained that it is a massive step to give unique experiences to the players. When several amazing boss fights have been included in Kel Voreth, Forge Master is the most attention grabbing because it has a giant hammer which can kill enemies with its massive attack in its range. To keep away from this tether-link attack, players are required to help one another to escape.  


Another 5-men dungeon is Stormtalon’s Lair. Pell was a race which conquered it and trying to find Eldan technology which was lost. The setting of Kel Voreth is more industrial. On the other side, the environment of Stormtalon is a lot mystical and it consists of the blend of technical elements and blue hues. High Priest is a first boss who is capable to throw his random attacks with his armor along the room. Players can predict such attacks with telegraphs on the ground. A player can rule the circle and set it on fire if he is active enough. To avoid huge attacks, players have to stack CC attack on the boss.


Aethros is a wind-elemental boss who can make everything stormy. When it comes to fight, it teleports the enemies at the chamber’s opposite side. It creates tornado on the path to crosswise shifting. The tornado will exist in various paths every time.


After Aethros, Stormtalon is the final boss. When the player enters into the chamber, next Pell High Priest will appear. He shifts his energy in the egg sack which looks grisly and is hanging on ceiling. He leads to create bad things by shifting his life in egg sack. A colossal dragon baby releases when egg sack cracks. The dragon releases an electric field along the room from any one player. This way, other team members have to heap that player to keep away from any damage.