Tradeskills in Wildstar Online

    Players can learn 2 tradeskills on wildstar online and there are 9 tradeskills available.Of course you can swap your tradeskills you dislike whichever one you've picked:

    Weaponsmith: weaponsmith is the art of forging weapons from metal and infusing them with eldan circuitry.This tradeskill is best paired with mining.

    Tailor:The tailor cloth collected from humanoids to craft light armor.Microchips direct the flow of eldan energies to enhance the armor. This tradeskill has no preferred pairing.

    Survivalist: The survivalist skins cut and leather meat from animals.It also chops wood more efficiently than most harvesters.They collect leather and meat from wild beasts around the world.Survivalists can use a chainsaw and have a higher chance of getting more per harvest while any one obtain lumber and meat form beasts in the world.

    Architect:When you need a place to put up your feet ,a place to hang your hat .The architect shapes these housing items so you can do just that.this skill is most paired with Survivalist.Architects make havesters,furniture and housing improvements using leather ,lumber relics and omniplasm.Bring your crafting materials to a crafting table to make something.To improve ,keep crafting .complete work orders ,and learn new schematics.

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