Path selection in Wildstar Online

In Wildstar online,every character can choose its path before creation.Currently Wildstar online has 4 paths,each of them have their unique feature,but we can only choose one.What a shame,LoL.Now i'm here to introduce the 4 paths.


Explorer Skills:

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All the skills of Explorer are personal skills,these skills are designed for these players who like to explore Wildstar Online alone.These skills can make you get somewhere other players can't go,enjoy the scenery which other players cannot see.Also to complete the quests for the path is very challenging,sometimes it requires you to try all kinds of jump to fulfill it,normally it takes longer time to complete a quest than other 3 paths,but it also bring you more fun than other paths.The skill "Air Brakes"is very useful for PVP or PVE in the field.For example,you are chased by other players,you can easily jump over the wall.


Scientist Skills:

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PLayer who choosed this path is welcomed by the parties,because they have the skill "Summon Group",this skill allows you to summon the whole group to your spot,when you and your party member are in same map,it's very useful for boss hunting or PVP.And the skill"Create Portal-Captial city"open a portal to city,you can teleport to city and teleport back by using the portal.


Settler Skills:

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Settler is the only path which has 4 skills.All these skills are good for you to make Wildstar Gold or wildstar platinum.You can sell items while you are in an instance or in the field,you can also recieve emails.While you are crafting,you can summon tools for the crafting.In some campground,you can even build banks.


Soldier Skills:

Wildstar online

All these skills for the path are designed for soldiers,all the skills are not available during PVP,but they are powerful for PVE.

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