The Background Theme Of Wildstar Online Multiplayer Game

NCSOFT has brought a revolutionary advancement in the field of online gaming. With the introduction of amazing games like Aion, GuildWars and Lineage, the company has captured the minds of thousands players. Each of these games has a strong background theme which makes the game more interesting and meaningful. The story allows the creators to design new features and actions and thereby infuse more fun into the games. As you know, role-playing games have always been influenced by their storyline. And Wildstar online multiplayer game is not an exception to this rule.


The background theme of Wildstar is quite captivating. It is the story of an abandoned planet called Nexus. Nexus is a fictional planet but everything about the plant is so real that the player would definitely feel like being a part of it. The plant used to be the kingdom of the Eldans. Eldans are a race of supernatural beings that have banished from the face of their planet. Their absence has left behind a technically advanced planet and some races that are trying to inhibit the planet. This is the basic theme of this role-playing game. But there are lots of other stuffs that need to be mentioned. Several things are going on in this planet and you have to choose your destiny as you travel through this amazing and mysterious planet.


In Wildstar Online, as a player, you should select a race in order to proceed with the game. Your job is to fight for your right to survive on this wonderful planet. So to begin with you should choose a race. There are primarily two teams in this game. One is the Exiles and the other one is the Dominion. As the name suggests, Exiles are a group of people who have been expelled from their actual worlds. They do not belong to Nexus but they have assumed the roles of refugees and are trying to establish their new rights over Nexus. This team includes mercenaries, outlaws and refugees. The Dominions on the other hand, are a group of powerful rulers who have been reigning over the galaxy for around 2000 years. This gives them the reason to claim their supremacy over Nexus. These teams consist of different races. Before selecting your team you can read more about the races so as to get a better idea about their background and nature.


After you select the race, your next task is to select a class. There are six classes in total. The first class belongs to warriors. The warriors have three weapons to fight with their opponents. These three weapons are power sword, brute force and arm cannon. The next class is known as Spellslinger. Their weapons are Mag pistols, acrobatics and magic sigils.  Similarly, there are other classes like Esper, Engineer, Stalker and Medic. Each class has their own weapons.


Next step is to select your path. The path you select would define your challenges and opportunities. The first path is known as Explorer. The other paths are Soldier, Settler and Scientist. These are the primary options that determine the course of your game. There are many more interesting choices to make and you will discover more options as you move further into the game.

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