ESO mounts system

    Mount system is one of the most interesting part of MMO games. Not noly they can make your speed quickly , also a lovely mount can make you happy.In ESO players can feed their mounts every twenty hours , can give your mounts some buff like speed,stamina or carrying capacity.This means players can give their mounts a new style!

    You can purchase your mounts in almost every town across all three fections.Just open your map and find the symbol with a horse head.

   There are six type of mounts available at ESO.Each time you feed your mount ,it will level up to a max fifty , feed your mount not only can increase its ability ,but will also change its appearance!You can obtain two of the three appearance.Each food increase a different stat and has unique effect.There is also the palomino horse which is available via the ESO store.They share the same stats as the Common horse and has no special abilities.

    Common Horse:cost 172,00g.stats:15% speed,10stamina,0 carrying.


    Draft Horse:cost 427,00g stats:15% speed,10stamina,10carrying


    Light Horse:cost 427,00g stats:25% speed,10stamina,0carrying

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