Weapon craft guide in Wildstar Online

Weapon crafting system in Wildstar online is unique, you can create different types of weapons, and you are able to select properties you want freely, or give up other properties to improve the current property,it's very different compare to the crafting system in other MMOs. Here is an example how to craft a weapon in wildstar online.
Normally we need following Wildstar materials to craft a weapon:

  1. Ore
  2. Viscosity flux
  3. Power Core

They are some basic materials for weapon crafting,also there are some special weapon requires more different materials.

As you can see on the picture,level 30 wildstar claw weapon need 2 more additional materials (Platinum Elemental condenser and Hydrogem) to craft,i will tell you how to get these materials.

Platinum Elemental condenser is crafted by Platinum chunk and hydrogem,they can be obtained by mining or reforge equipments.However the rate to get them is very low,so Hydrogem is very expensive materials in Wildstar online,you can buy them cheap from players in game for Wildstar gold or Wildstar platinum.

When we have these materials ready,we can craft the weapon.

  1. Select PowerCore
  2. Select the property you want
  3. Property selection list
  4. increase or decrese the current value of the property
  5. Energy situation

Please pay attention before you craft,the selection of the powercore must be matching your currently level,if you place in the best match PowerCore,the property on the weapon may give you extra bonus properties.You can check the following picture:

Did you see the level 30 crafted weapon is much more strong than level 46 looted weapon.

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