How to level fast on Aurakingdom!

  There are 5points we need to notice if you want to level fast on Aura Kingdom:

 1.  Trade is not necessary for leveling .

 2.  All the reward getting from task just can last you a bit in the next map. Gears will stale fast.You need to adapt it.

 3.  If you get a quest which is high level for you, just do some solo modes to get exp , also you can look for a party with other players around your level .If you are lucky enough to find a high level group ,you can literally sit back and enjoy the ride.

 4. When you enter into a quest dungeon,clear it several times before proceeding it. Also it will drop good gears/items to help you level up easily.

 5.If you get a green exclamation mark, which is special.Not only do most of them give titles, but finishing them can sometimes buff your characters based stats and it's account wide.


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