Gear guide on Aura Kingdom

For becoming strong in Aura Kingdom, getting equipped with correct gears is very important.So, let’s have a look that how some Aura Kingdom class gets benefit from the gear setups.

Gears in Aura Kingdom are color coded items based on its rarity. With the help of these colors you can identify each gear in the game.In the game all gears are bounded with the character once it is equipped. Different gears for Aura Kingdom are

1.      White: - These are among the common loots gears of Aura Kingdom. These gears can be grabbed from NPC’s and sometime occasionally when monster drops.

2.      Blue: - These are among the common monster loot in the game of Aura Kingdom. You can get these from treasure boxes and open world monster. These are among the important gears as you can get EXP and loot% of them. You can also buy these gears with the help of Aura Kingdom gold.

3.      Green: -These are among the common gears which you can get by dungeon runs, but these are useless. So you can either sell them or you can save them after checking what kind of defensive property it offers. They are blessed with various properties like speed, evade, crit etc.

4.      Orange: - These are crafted gears and can be grabbed from Blacksmith NPC. They are upgraded from green gears as the additional bonus starts from the armor cores. With the help of these gears you can gain better flexibility, so they are better than blue gears. You can also buy these gears with the help of AK gold.

5.      Purple: - These gears have the power to offer damage deductions against the enemy. It also sets the damage deducted against other players.

6.      Costumes: - Costume gears are used to identify looks of the character. They have certain stats which are added.

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