FiFA14 is now overwhelming the year. Assailed by discussion and corporate avarice, it encapsulates the most popular mega event in the sporting world.

The fact of the matter is the 2014 world cup in Brazil. Yes, this is huge! It’s pretty much everything for the diehard fans and it’s hard not to find one.  Like with any other World cup, the hype accentuates long time before the first game, with the induction of themes, songs and of course the countdown. This already feels as if the best event in a decade or so, back to a country we have known for winning numerous cups in the past and undoubtedly with high odds in their favor every time. The games will be spread across a dozen of cities with major nations taking part to make it an epic fiction of reality. Irrespective of who gets a seat at the stadium, people will be glued to their television sets to watch their favorite teams turn the fortune this time around. Spain did it last time and not only for themselves but for those who put their money on the same. This year with Bosnia and Herzegovina making a debut and France sneaking through, the odds are quite high on the hosts including the top four.  With surrealbet offering as high as 6/1 fractional odd on the two South American teams, Brazil and Argentina, the betting market is all set to go crazy and fanatical at this juncture. Apart from these two countries, Germany and Spain are expected to make the cut, although England may well be the dark knight, unless and until they repeat the humiliating event of 1-0 loss against the minnows USA in the 1950 world cup. Spain is more or less like Barcelona these days, they may not be the strongest contender always, but they surely know the way to get into the semi-finals. Germany on the other hand have been quite weak at the important stage of the tournament in the past, but most of their players seem to have matured over time and are most likely to go all the way to the finals.

With the home advantage solidly in favor of the hosts, as evident from the Confederations cup, Argentina and Germany are the only two teams likely to outclass them. In case you are backing them both, you could well be in for a good return of the stake.

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