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  • [News] How to make you rich in Wildstar Online [06/07/2014]
    guild new players in wildstar online to make money quickly
  • [Guides] Wildstar Online Leveling Up Guide [06/04/2014]
    The number one question is always "how to level up fast in wildstar online?". There are many wildstar online Honestly, there is an easy way to level up quickly in wildstar online. You must focus on leveling up and nothing else. You can't try to rush through the quests and move on to the next area or try to spend wildstar gold to for better weapons too quickly.
  • [News] WildStar Classes: What They Are & How to Choose One [06/02/2014]
    Before you can get to farming WildStar gold and filling your pockets by buying WildStar platinum you have to choose your class. Choosing what class you are going to use will affect your style of play, and depending upon how you use your new class, you will be able to progress through the game and level faster. Here are the classes that you have to choose from.
  • [News] PvE raid desigh on Wildstar Online [06/02/2014]
    introduce wildstar's pve raid design
  • [News] Building a House in WildStar [06/02/2014]
    If you want to have your very own home away from home in WildStar, you can build one, just as soon as you reach the 14th level. You can build your house somewhere out in the wilderness away from civilization and with launch making you able to play WildStar online when you choose, you’ll have the ability to spend some time relaxing in your very own, custom-built home, and be able to interact with the house within the world of WildStar. So, once you have some time away from buying WildStar gold and are at 14th level, how do you build your house?
  • [News] The Enthralling Bosses and Amazing Experiences in Dungeons of Wildstar [05/31/2014]
    Wildstar is a most-awaited MMO game which is about to come in June 3. With having only a few days to go, we took a brief insight of end-game content and dungeons in this game. According to Stephen Frost (Design Producer of Wildstar), the game is literally designed for hardcore players. When it comes to dungeons, the end-game content is designed to satisfy hardcore players with cheap Wildstar Platinum. But even inexperienced player can run in the dungeons and use sacred trinity of healer, tank and dps and run successfully and make Wildstar Gold.


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    You guys rule great service always done within 5 mins if capable. Serves all my needs and more 10/10
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    Very fast service and great costumer support! Bought some chaos orbs and i didn't wait more than 2min.
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